7.14 – Health News (Cancer Cures, Vaccine Truth, & Deconstructing B.S. Media Health Advice)

7.14 – Health News (Cancer Cures, Vaccine Truth, & Deconstructing B.S. Media Health Advice)


July 14th 2017 – Health specific news

Today’s Sources:
Washington Post: “Novel cancer treatment wins endorsement of FDA advisers” – https://goo.gl/34ofEh
Futurism: “New Trials Show Hope for Personalized Cancer Vaccines” – https://goo.gl/hp7VVK
ScienceNews: “The fight against gonorrhea gets a potential new weapon: a vaccine” – https://goo.gl/g8pUMu
ScienceAlert: “People With Autism Are Better at Avoiding Sneaky Marketing Tricks” – https://goo.gl/6gJJbV
Business Insider: “Drinking more coffee is associated with a longer life, according to new research” – https://goo.gl/PpL16h

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Luke says:

The world has it a bit backwards in this; It is our mind that controls our body NOT the body which controls the mind.

Glen Folkard - Great White Survivor says:

My oldest daughter at 18 has all the symptoms of Thiomersal poisoning. As do many others in her age group. So I email filthy Pfizer and her GP tearing them a new one. 3 months later GP retires young.

brian91145 says:

Look into Harvey Dents YouTube channel and learn how to get out of debt using your TDA FED trust account! It works !

Terri Webb says:

JASON, Cancer has a BIG emotional part to it that MUST be addressed. You have to keep your emotional health good. Hate, grudges, fear, etc. have a HUGE effect on creating cancer. If they are not cleared, you will never be cancer free no matter what method of cure you choose.

Christine Lewis says:

I'd love to hear the story about the shut-down detox supp company. So sad. Whatever they were selling must have worked to get that kind of attention from TPTB.

Christine Lewis says:

And I have not been keeping up with your vids lately, but "Bullshit Advice" is great, and should be a regular send off segment on your health videos. Cracks me up!

josephine Jones says:

You are a champion, Jordan…

wayne beale says:

I'm autistic. I agree with what they say about advertising but more important We are less likely to be brainwashed. We see through bullshit. And yes autism is awful but it's ironic that they have accidentally empowered a few with the gifts to destroy them. An example is /pol

Luke Gosper says:

I agree with everything but the red wine ūüć∑ Ikaria, an isolated Greek island has the longest living people on earth and has the highest population of over 100 . Look up "the blue zones" study.

Here's a link and your going to be shocked mate : https://bluezones.com/2015/04/the-blue-zones-solution-secrets-of-the-worlds-healthiest-people-9-questions-for-dan-buettner/

sami vanvleet says:

Maybe you can do a video on coffee and what you are doing to get off of it cause I am big on my coffee too buy I would love to get off of it.

RaisingConsciousness77 says:

I just did ayahuasca and san pedro and accidentally quit coffee during that. After decades of drinking coffee daily, I now haven't had one in 4 days and ZERO headache or withdraw! I don't even understand it..

Jay Rambin says:

Awesome stuff Jordan. Check out Ayurveda. 5000 yo healing science from India. Sister science to yoga in that yoga is mostly mind and spirit. While ayurveda addresses mind spirit body. Dr vasant lad is a well known ayurvedic physician, teacher, author, practitioner. They walk the talk, some of these holistic physicians.

Dominique Foust says:

Majik vaccines with nagalase (cancer cells) in the cocktail of Aluminium, Mercury and don't forget the OILS and urea or shit, what are they NOT telling us? Are they putting nanobots and black goo as well? They can be JUDGED for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! The producers and distributers should be arrested and tried and punished.

Dominique Foust says:

Don't write me to whine! LOOK on the US Patents Office, it's all there every ingredient!

carmen morgado says:

Thank you for sharing this topic.  I am a stage 4 cancer survivor using alternative therapies, most of which are detoxification and  restoring immune system.  You can heal yourself of some of the most dreadful dis-ease and bring the body back to homeostasis, not easy but you have to believe in it and NEVER own a dis-ease.  Take your power back, and be responsible for your health,  you did not get this way over night.  I just laugh now when I see new cancer treatments, which are not made available to everyone, it's a big scam and most do not have eyes to see.

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