Bacon, Hot Dogs And Processed Meats Linked To Cancer | NBC Nightly News

Bacon, Hot Dogs And Processed Meats Linked To Cancer | NBC Nightly News

In an unprecedented warning, the World Health Organization is putting processed meats in the same danger category as smoking and asbestos.
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Bacon, Hot Dogs And Processed Meats Linked To Cancer | NBC Nightly News



Lanze A. Suazo says:


Gameel II says:


ninjawarrior981 says:

well looks like everything causes cancer, just waiting for NBC to tell me your water causes cancer. I'll have my 5 slices bacon and risk the cancer thanks.

Marcos Juarez says:

This angers a lot of meat lovers!

SM Outdoors says:

Come on… People have been eating meat since the beginning of time.

Christina Perez says:

guess i'll die happy

tony lee says:

I love hot women NOT hot dogs . Thank you .

American made says:

Time to start eating Chicken Breast.

michael mata says:


"Small People" Against Big Government says:

Yet no mention of ractopamine, extant in all commercial meat in the US, but illegal in 160 nations.

Nora Torres says:

look like im nt eating hot dog anymore,im just see those people in school see them die in hotdogs,yes I'm 8th grade.

NycNightfall the Vampire Wulf says:

Other known carcinogens: Any animal products and ALL animal products including: Casein (in dairy), Eggs (equal to smoking cigs) , Meat and ALL meat. And red meat does not "probably" cause cancer, it leads to cancer risks. 50g of red meat causes 18% chance of cancer which 50g is less than a half a deck of cards! Don't forget the global environmental damages! Look at Earthlings

Bob Jones says:

17% and 18%. You know that tobacco is 2500% and alcohol is not too far behind right? Alcohol causes 20 times more deaths from cancer than processed does per year (despite the fact that most people consume far less alcohol than they do meat) so if you're really scared, how bout you stop drinking?

iii 3xki says:

bullshit, cancer my ass.

Xeno Saya says:

Getting informed about new scientific studies is very importand to change your view on food and what you put into your mouth.

roger rogers says:

Beef & Bacon must have killed Pa, he ate both every day till he passed in his sleep at 98

Dat Berger says:

Keep chasing that fountain, Ill enjoy my bacon.

Nuclear Popcorn says:

Dumb bullshit scare tactics. OH MAH GAWD, MEET CAWZIZ CANSUR! GO VEGAN!!!!!!

Or you could devote yourself to this totally mind-blowing, unbelievable "scientific breakthrough" called eating the stuff in moderation and not being a slob. the gluttons are the biggest contributors in the statistics of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc. Otherwise, be a victim and buy into their schemes. Your call.

John Mclawrence says:

they new that all the time that red meat causes red meat these people are all their to make their money

Gone with the Kale says:

If, as the mother said, she has to be "watchful and mindful" with the amounts of meat she gives her kid… then it sounds like something is wrong with what she's feeding her kid. You can eat plant foods until you're full and there is no scare about disease for it… plus no animals were cruelly killed in the process, if you care.

Lucas Tinkler says:

When I was younger I’m 62 now I don’t have cancer

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