GOP Senator Slams Sessions, Trump Over Marijuana Memo Reversal (CNN) Cannabis News Network

GOP Senator Slams Sessions, Trump Over Marijuana Memo Reversal (CNN) Cannabis News Network

Inside Pot Politics -on CNN the Cannabis News Network covering something other than Fire and Fury book and reports on a HUGE flip flop by #DementiaDonald and Sessions effecting the fastest growing business in the country. States rights!

Join us for DC 420: The Week in Weed, blunt commentary on this week’s marijuana news, the politics of pot , cannabis cures and the fastest growing business in California and the US, but can still get you locked up for life in some states.

Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and cannabis is legal in California for adult use! Sort of. It’s not available in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the largest potential markets in the state. We break down the first week of legal weed and the end of Prop 215?

We’re back from our Colorado Cannabis Christmas with Boulder area dispensary and product haul reviews.



Long Tall Texan says:

It's not a problem for Trump as long as he can make money on it !!! Here's how it works! The SEC must investigate Trump's stock trades and his White House members. Trump , and his close friends are using Trump's timed tweeter comments to GAME…the Stock Market for their own personal gain. Trump is ordering stocks of pot companies to be sold short …ahead of Trump making comments on DOJ changing rules and laws that effect the States with legal pot sales….These companies have lost huge market share. Trump and his friends knew Trump would make the comments and they all took short positions in the same stocks to profit when the stocks fell in value. Trump did this to Boeing, and all the other companies he has been attacking, off and on for over a year !! Once Trump has bought into the companies at their crashed low value, Trump and Friend's then announce that the changes he mentioned are not going to happen….They then, all of them profit from the rapid rise of the stocks they drove down. Making a profit manipulating the stocks both ways, down and up. Simple..! But you aren't supposed to be watching! Trump and his Goldman Sachs cabinet members are running an organized criminal insider trading ring, using these comments as they are connected to Trump and his stock schemes. Trump is a crook and unfit to lead this nation!

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