Hemp Pure Organics

Hemp Pure Organics

Hemp Pure Organics offers a large selection of organic CBD rich products: vape, tincture, and for pets. http://www.hemppureorganics.com

Our organic CBD rich oil is cold pressed and CO2 extracted from a certified non-GMO hemp plant – no heat or chemicals are added. This method of CBD extraction preserves and protects all of the beneficial phytonutrients found naturally within the plant that work synergistically together to provide the best possible entourage effects. The CBD we use has been tested to ensure it is free from herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and heavy metals.

No synthetic or artificial ingredients are used in the manufacturing of our products. The people at Hemp Pure Organics go to great lengths to ensure our products are the highest quality from researched and verified organic sources.

Hemp Pure Organics uses recyclable and compostable materials in our packaging and shipping materials: glass bottles, stone labels, recycled boxes, food starch foam, even the tape has a non-toxic natural sap glue. Others say “organic” – we live it!!



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