Kvass – A thousand Year Old Russian Health Drink

Kvass – A thousand Year Old Russian Health Drink

KVASS is so good and it’s so easy To Make it amazes me.

Get a glass jar with a metal lid. I use a 2 liter one but you can use whatever size you have.

Fill with filtered water about ½ way and add a tablespoon of raw unpastuerized honey, not grocery store honey as that is usually not honey, its straight sugar. Get local honey.

If you don’t have filtered water let the water sit on the counter for at least ½ an hour to gas off the chlorine then stir vigorously to create a vortex making the water live again.

This will also mix the honey thoroughly.

Add ⅓ fruits of your choice. I’ve tried organic apple and beet, pear and apple, pear and ginger, beet and orange, carrot and apple just use your imagination.

Then fill to about 1” of the top.

Let it sit on your counter for as long as it takes to get the taste good. Depress the lid every day, after 2-3 days taste it. 

When the lid gets hard to depress simply loosen it to the let the gases escape.

If your house is cool then you can put it in the oven with just the oven light on. Any hotter you kill the bacteria.

In 3-5 days it should be tangy and tasty but do it however long it takes to get the taste you like then refridgerate.

Don’t peel the fruit or veggies as 90% of the nutrients are in the skin.

Go to the EWG website to get the list of dirtiest and cleanest so you know what has to be organic and which you can buy conventional, but NEVER gmo.

When finished the liquid eat or juice the fruit or veggies.

They say your gut is your second brain and any fermented foods will improve ones health and not only live longer but without health issues.



bonanzaman says:

I love my KVASS

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