Vegan Dill & Chive Hemp Cream Cheese

Vegan Dill & Chive Hemp Cream Cheese

Welcome to Vegan MoFo Day 2. We’re taking the leftovers solids from making hemp milk and turning it into an herbaceous dill cultured cream cheese. The natural, earthy flavour of cultured hemp hearts goes perfectly with fresh dill and chives, brightened by lemon and made extra smooth with a bit of coconut yogurt.

This recipe uses sauerkraut to help the culture along; other rather just the juice from sauerkraut. I got the idea from a recipe by Fresh Start Wellness. Check out their Cultured Cashew Cheese here:

If you want a chance to win some of these non-GMO hemp hearts, visit the Hemp Milk video, make sure you’re subscribed and leave a comment telling me what you’d do with them by the end of Friday, September 5th. Giveaway open to residents of the US and Canada only.

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Mary's Test Kitchen | Vegan Cooking says:

Day 2 of Vegan MoFo: Chive & Dill Hemp Cream Cheese!

CookingWithPlants says:

Yum…looks great. I love using sauerkraut to culture my cheese too!

Chi-anna Nycole (JurricaChiannaNycole) says:

GENIUS!!!! I've been thinking of a way to not waste the almond pulp from my homemade almond milk and you saved me! Thank you!!!!

синей траве says:

Your channel is so great. I look forward to the rest of Vegan Cheese month!

100 FOR 100 Movement says:

Your instructions and recipes are seriously great!! 

Hien Minton says:

Pls make webside.

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