Actor Vinod Khanna passed away in Mumbai hospital reportedly due to cancer

Actor Vinod Khanna passed away in Mumbai hospital reportedly due to cancer

Actor Vinod Khanna Dies at 70 After Battle With Cancer. Veteran actor Vinod Khanna on Thursday passed away in a Mumbai hospital reportedly due to cancer. He was 70. Khanna was hospitalized after he complained of “severe dehydration” and was suffering from Bladder Cancer.

Vinod Khanna was reportedly battling with cancer for many years. Vinod Khanna is survived by his wife Kavita Khanna and sons Rahul, Akshaye and Sakshi, and daughter Shraddha. Vinod Khanna was married to Geetanjali before marrying Kavita. He divorced Geetanjali and then got married to Kavita.

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ravi rani says:

really a very genius actor is no more , I salute him.

EasyBitcoin Solution says:


Shailendra Pandey says:

smart and dashing…..

muneeb rehmam says:

Another legend left us…. very sad news may ALLAH BLESS HIM WITH JANNAH

Rahu Gupta says:

bhagwan unke aatma ko santi de

Angel Fashion says:

reporters should improve their languages specially while reporting give respect to someone

Munendra yadav says:

vinod khanna is a best hero sudheer yadav

Khushboo Kumari says:

I miss u vindo khann aap to meri dil m ha aaap ko hm ka v nhi เคญเฅเค, gya ha I miss u vindo khann

Udit Singh says:

its very sad news

kamal swami says:

I am very sad died Vinod khanna

samsam wahwah says:

Thanks to Amitabh Bachchan who has learned Abhishek how to be a real good human being, there were only 4-5 known faces, and NOBODY FROM THIS GENERATION OF ACTORS WERE THERE. So sad and evil people.

daxa dave says:

vinod khanna was a superstar with jentleman.

Fardeen Afg says:

May his soul rest in peace and my Allah
Shower his blessing
Wonderful man
Will remember him

Omer Khan says:

Vinod Khanna Amazing Actor RIP…Love & Respect from Pakistan!

belly tripper says:


yasmin zaman says:

May Vinod sahib's soul rest in peace! A huge loss indeed…you will always be missed.

Sumit Wason says:

RIP Vinod Khanna! One more legendary star passes away. Death is a bitter truth of life. Can't ignore it. Thus, pray, indulge in good deeds and live a good life to overcome or minimize pain and sorrows.

#RIP #VinodKhana

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