Cannabis News Headlines 4/17/17 | Marijuana Weekly News

Cannabis News Headlines 4/17/17 | Marijuana Weekly News

Cannabis News & current events by Joint Ventures TV contributor Love Gonzalez updates you with news, supporting facts and current up to date cannabis news.

links: university of Mississippi failed at growing weed

Marijuana last week with john Oliver, Canada news, American Disability Act, Vietnam Veteran Danny Belcher, Anti Weed Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Federal Government buys $69 million in weed

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Mygrowbug says:

God, I love that smile 🌿❤🌿

Scott Williams says:

spider mites

Primo Kush says:

Awesome I like this news show.

Sissy Sissy says:

Great vid! Love the transitions, I saw on your IG the other day about the mold! Absolutely insane, you'd think quality control would be in place lol

MMZ Grow says:

some real news for a change

Eric roadking says:

Great video Joint Ventures ! Thanks for sharing, the people need to be educated. The majority of government folks deciding the laws no nothing about the Plant, how to grow, what it does, they should educate themselves before making non-informed statements like " good people don't smoke marijuana "

Mr.Canucks Grow says:

Such an amazing share. great upload.

Mopar Man73 says:

I am a robot …lol

Green Grow Spaces says:

I love (get it) how you covered both angles of the legalization in Canada. Great job!

Also the mould issue is more prevalent than we might think, it seems. A licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada misjudged the HVAC considerations, and completely messed up their humidity levels to the tune of having to call structural engineers in to rescue the garden.

Ryan Baker says:

thank you for the video

jus4funtim says:

Now all you need is to learn to look at the camera lense and not the screen and you'ld make a pretty good news reporter

Sabbaticalseeds says:

That should never go to patients full of spider mites

OGFrank says:

Thanx for all of this…

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