Explaining CBD Misinformation in The News – Andrew Hard

Explaining CBD Misinformation in The News – Andrew Hard

June 30, 2014

Can you really get High CBD Hemp Oil in all 50 states? Andrew Hard, Director of Public Relations at HempMeds sets the record straight, despite what mainstream media reporters fail to reveal!




michael segal says:

They start out talking about the racist fear-mongering term "marijuana" and then use it dozens of times to distinguish their product from it. Not once is there a categoric denial of federal illegality under the Controlled Substances Act. There is frequently repeated assertions that Hempmeds is available in all 50 states without once actually saying it was legal in any of them. There is also an implication that compliance with the FDA is sufficient to make something immune to the Controlled Substances Act.. It does not.
Notwithstanding Slick-Willy's comments re: Medical "Marijuana." federal policy remains that anything with a combined total of cannabinoids over three tenths of one percent is not "hemp" regardless of its source.I have contacted both the Attorney General's Office in Washington, D.C. for a definitive answer on whether CBD is or is not defined as THC by the Controlled Substances Act. Alison Price—the spokesperson for the Attorney General of the Unites States of America—referred me to the DEA's Public Affairs Office. The number 2 person there—Barbara L. Carreno—who stated that she believed these products were illegal and that she would have her boss—Dawn Dierdan—the spokesperson for the DEA– give me a call with the definitive answer. I am waiting on that call.
(1:15 pm PDT 25APRIL2014) I just got off of the phone with Dawn Dierden–the spokesperson for the DEA, who took so long to get back to me because she had to check it with the legal beagles.
Here is the DEA's definitive answer re: CBD.
"CBD is a Schedule I Controlled Substance regardless of source. Even if the exemptions noted in the Controlled Substances Act were cited they do not apply to any product INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION which contains in excess of .3% cannabinoids."
In other words there is no question, the "CBD-enriched hemp oil" products ARE illegal. If you chose to commit civil disobedience (and I believe only a terrible parent wouldn't) for the sake of your child's health, be aware that you ARE making that choice.

Michael Scott says:

Might want to do your home work before promoting this!!! This is just one report that show what is being peddled… Folks looking for healing (i.e., cancer, MS, etc) might not understand what they are buying, plus have you research who makes this, what's in it, is it safe? Do you know what it costs? Please folks do the research for yourself!!!


James Provost says:

CBC without some THC doesn't usually work. They found that out fast with Charlotte's Web.
If CBD is Hemp derived there is no guarantee it will work at all. 10% CBD 50% THC will cure GOUT in a MICROSECOND.
You can get off Heroin with no withdrawal using THC.
Enlarged Prostate can be kept down with High CBD with at least 20% THC.
There are 700 ailments that can be treated with Cannabis. It will prevent Cancer. (If you fix your life first).
It will CURE CANCER. (Not always. Different people are different. Some will never get Cancer.)

James Provost says:

Reactions to Prescription Drugs can be cured with Cannabis. Make sure it has at least 3% CBD.

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