Funny GMO Video – I’m A Chemtrail Cowboy

I’m A ChemTrail Cowboy

Check out this cool 4 min video about chemtrails, which is a serious health subject, but the video is funny at the same time – also check out the comments and leave one yourself please



Wayne says:

Where I live the spraying is relentless. I first noticed and have continuously observed this war on humanity since the early 90’s. Since I’m a pilot I have always wondered what the flyers who operate these planes are thinking? Do they not give a damn about their own families? Unreal!

fred says:

funny video but extremely relevant today and don’t you wonder WTF are “they” doing to us?

bonanzaman says:

There’s going to be a lot more health related video subjects added every 2nd or third day over the next month or 2 so bookmark this page and visit often to get relevant information videos.

bonanzaman says:

Just had a look at some of these videos and there’s some good information there about age spots and other related health issues.

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