Hemp products LOADED with pesticides?

Hemp products LOADED with pesticides?

Many hemp products — including CBD oil — are loaded with toxic pesticides and herbicides.

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Robert Noraas says:

do not forget the bactirea they spray on to kill bugs that eat hemp

Michelle Blackburn says:

Cannabis needs to be "de-scheduled" and return it to being a natural plant (as it actually is).

Felisa Paul says:

Good work indeed! Keep it up! 👍👌

Noware Man says:

This is why medical grade home grown cannabis grown in a controlled environment is the best for smoking or for concentrating into oil or cbn. Natural and safe methods only. No pesticides or herbicides used at all. filtered air for no pollen or spore contamination.

Bay Native says:

Cannabis like kale or spinach is a heavy metal attractor

Bay Native says:

Eagle20 is considered organic n is used for PM on cannabis and can be used according to lable on fruit day of harvest except you dont light fruit on fire which turns Eagle20 into cyanide

Shylo Duffy says:

Honestly Mike what would we do without you? I've come to depend on you're info for a Healthier life even when I hear bad news r like today's video…As a Canadian I understand what gets sprayed in the US we seem to be right beside them in everyway..Thank you for this very sad information.I can't tell u how weed has helped me., and how glad I am that I know the Gardner very very well Merry Christmas.

Fuzzy One says:

I grow my own marijuana. I use all of it. The buds for healthy pleasure. I use a vaporizer for ingesting as to not ingest smoke. The leaves and roots I put some in my jar of herbal mixture sun tea for prevention of cancer. Especially with all that GMO crap in food. I put many different herbal teas when I make my drink and refrigerate it. Be careful to read your tea ingredients because Celestial Teas are now putting Soy in many of their teas. I have to wonder why. I did call the company and complained about it. I took 5 boxes back to the store and got my regular brand.

D Schneider says:

Hemp is sold as a food product. Hemp is not marijuana or medical marijuana. That's not good!! Thanks for sharing Mike, peace.

dharma 3 says:

OH NO this is awful! I feed hemp seeds to my kids all the time. What about organic?

_ Adelaide _ says:

They ruin everything…
…grow your own… 🙂



Dante Matterson says:

Pests on pot? I don't think so. Perhaps if the name of these pests were given there would be credence to this story.

Bill Goddu says:

Do not support the corporate model market. I support the other market that keeps it clean and naturally grown. Meaning i know my source grower very well and how they maintain it. Just a heads up for those who do not know where their supply is coming from.

Joe Tittiger says:

Mike you DO NOT "regulate" a right. You do not "regulate" in a free country…… We need courts that work, aware consumers and the free market.. NOT your socialist/communist so called solution. Regulations and the free market are mutually exclusive concepts. Put your thinking cap back on my friend.

Alissa Swofford says:

'Some' have fought against legalizing because of this-they ruin everything. Give the hemp industry to the reservations-that 'll fix it

Jimmy Hawkins says:

thanks Mike …

Kelly Walters says:

The government needs to shut Monsanto down and charge the people running that place with crimes against humanity!

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