I Can’t Believe This…..| Cancer Update(GOOD NEWS)

I Can’t Believe This…..| Cancer Update(GOOD NEWS)

Hey loves!!
Welcome back to another day of blogs! Today was my monthly chemo/maintenance chemo and cancer update….so watch the entire video to see whats next!(:

P.S. for those of you commenting about the thumbnail, what ya’ll don’t realize is this picture was actually taken after I received the amazing news. I was in shook and could not believe it!

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My name is Cheyann Shaw and welcome to my channel! I make videos that are mostly about my journey battling and beating cancer (NED= No Evidence of Disease), my comeback to the fitness industry, how to love yourself, and adventures with my hubby and our fur baby Russell! My videos will show you how to find light, in even the darkest of situations and they will help empower and inspire you, to be the best you possible. I hope my videos can help you and inspire you to find joy and happiness even when you are going through the storm.

I want you to remember that you can and YOU WILL, WIN YOUR BATTLES!

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Chere Ferraiuolo says:

God is so good! Awesome news AWESOME GOD👍🏻💪☝🏻🙏🏻😁😎

Maria Juliano says:

I love you! God blessings!! I pray I find someone like you have!! Your best friend!! You are both so blessed!!
First and foremost God has you!! Thank ͏y͏o͏u Father!! You are certainly BLESSED!! YES!! Joy!! Jump jump for JOY!! You are beautiful!!

LabNYorkie says:

Wonderful news. 💜

Kristen Kelly says:

YAY😊 !!!!! Great News!!!!!

Savannah Boan says:

I've just recently started watching your videos and I have to day you're so beautiful and your relationship is so adorable. I love your tattoos as well; they're gorgeous!

Linda Monnett says:

So happy for you. You are a warrior; strong and brave. God bless and heal you. 💖🙏👍

Shannon Dawn says:

So happy for you ❤️

KM Sassman says:

Fabulous news!!! Praise Jesus!!!!! I pray for you and ur family!!! U are a amazing and strong person and a inspiration!!! Im so so HAPPY to hear that ur doing so well!😊❤ take care of ur self! God is GOOD!!

TheDailyCupcake says:

YAYYYYY!!! PTL!!!!! Such an answer to prayer!!!


Dr. Julie says:

YAY, congrats luv, your incredibly positive and that definitely helps your outcome…so happy for you <3.

rdidri says:

Congratulations! (Will be checking my CA-125 next month.) You've inspired me to up my exercising to 4x/week with my trainer!

leomes spidey says:

Good news and btw nice video

CarolSue Me says:

Im getting off immunotherapy and going on Avastin!

Sabrina T says:

Congrats👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thanks be to God!!! You are an absolutely amazing young woman. You are always in my prayers❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Lauren Ruiz says:

YAAS! so happy for you girl! God is good🙏🙌💪💚

condoz2009 says:

God is good!

Holly Fisher says:

You are ROCKIN' life, Girl, and KICKIN' cancers BUTT😄😉😁:)

G. K. Holland says:

You are always in my prayers! Yah bless you.

Claudia Martins says:

Dear Cheyann that are great news! Ca 125 8!!! So happy for you.I am fighting to get more avastin like in 2019 etc.im so afraid of relaps.
My ca is 6.3 was also a "no way " my reaction.
May i ask you a question please: Are the doctors sure that is safe removing avastin?i mean they take it and monitor your ca 125 but if cancers come back very fast?how they know will not be immediatly a relaps?
Many thanks in advance ( im asking this also for me.im in similar situation as you)
Greetings and big hug from Belgium***

rshadio says:

so happy for you

Ivana F says:

Awesome news. So happy for you vuys

Debbie Highley says:

First off I want to say… Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you & the great news you received!!! I was so happy to see the wonderful news in your video!! But, I was a little disappointed in the picture where you appear upset and the caption of “I can’t believe this”. It makes it seem as if you received bad news. I get that it grabs people’s attention & maybe more people would watch…but so many people care about you & are kind of invested in your “story” and hope that you only receive positive news regarding your health! I felt a little tricked & just thought it was a poor choice 😔 I debated whether to say anything, and I’m still a big fan of yours & will continue to pray for a great future for you!! Just felt like I should at least bring it to your attention.

Betty Sue says:

I am so happy for you!!!!!!

Nanette Pentz says:

Oh Thank The Lord. Glory to God. Awesomely good news

Sonny Burks says:

Great news! Well, I may have to stop by that donut shop b4 my next infusion…I usually stay away from too much sugar, but it’s good to have a treat from time to time. Looks like it could be a nice coffee date for me and my wife👍🏾 b4 a long day of appointments.

Alesia Featherstone says:

God Bless You🤗😘

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