Marijuana enforcement policy to be reviewed by DOJ

Marijuana enforcement policy to be reviewed by DOJ

A crime reduction task force created by AG Jeff Sessions will review how Justice Dept enforces marijuana laws, according to a memo Sessions issued Wednesday to 94 U.S. attorneys. CBS News legal correspondent Paula Reid talked to CBSN about the review.

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Thai Koon says:

Stay away from cannabis you pigs fuck trump honkey administration

Will Rogers says:

Lets grow up America… Legalizs weed

Ms Ducks says:

what a waste of money.

akabaker80 says:

What's this about STATES RIGHTS?

Angry Misanthropist Freak says:

This Medical Marijuana is a bunch of bullshit. You fucken pricks just want to get high and not be jailed for it. It's been proven that it hinder brains function more the pharmaceuticals in numerous studies and is more likely to cause long term affects including paralysis and can damage lungs just like any other form of tobacco. And theses task forces are awesome if not a bit lenient sounding.

Armando7654 says:

you won't cure Liberal Mental Disorder with marijuana

undertow9x says:

Fuck Jeff Sessions. When will we learn we should not let old out of date white guys run the show.

S Freeman says:

The white supremacists in power want to throw more African Americans & other minorities to prison.

S Freeman says:

Jeff B. Sessions wants to continues the unGodly work of his ancestors, racist Psyco.

Nonune Konsequence says:

Anyone who thinks Pot makes people violent needs to rethink their entire life, everyone knows it makes you relaxed and peaceful. Even peeps who don't really smoke it. How does something that makes you Relaxed and peaceful make you violent? It's like they don't understand the meaning of words, let alone biology.

Tom Green says:

The only thing that should be illegal is how stupid Jeff Session is, Really it should be illegal for one person to be that stupid, Lock Jeff Session up

Gargamel Smurff says:

states rights States rights an gain they said it all over the campaign trail but only rights they agree on which is a police state

Naxty Merch says:

Legalize it and make billions at the federal level and pay for SSecurity & American Health Care Act… Winning is Easy!!!

SuperUbermensch says:

Sesssions is after weed because it's legal in all Democrat leaning states…and Bill Clinton's home state.

Elite GamingWolf says:

alot more violence? lmao that dumb fucker does not know anything about weed

maxkiki says:

Oh come on man! Deaths from weed is zero, zilch! How many people die from alcohol?

Sean Rector says:

fucking faget ass keebler elf lookin motherfucker Jeff Sessions.

Jim Brown says:

Non-violent and he's from the 1920's still trying to put non-criminals in jail and denying their rights granted by our Constitution! The Government controlling the People instead of the People controlling the Government!

richie s says:

should be legal in all states

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